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Earn Respect

EdHero is the manifestation of a long held conviction that teachers are not just hard working professionals, but also special human beings who are united in the noble cause of providing a world class education to all children

Reduce Stress

Created by me, Dev Garg, the inspiration for EdHero is my mother, a ‘typical’ high school Geography teacher whose professional experiences, mostly positive but frequently frustrating, I witnessed first hand.

Committed and passionate about the importance and value of educating children, she loves her job and often says, “Is there anything more satisfying than seeing kids flourish?” But, like all teachers, she is tired, overworked and stressed.

Real Support

Yet, twenty years on, she and her colleagues are as committed as ever to their calling. Wanting the best for their students, they endeavor to collaborate and co-create content, however laborious, arduous and time-consuming the process.

Moreover, making ends meet is tough and she often feels undervalued and taken for granted.

Save Time

I launched EdHero, The Teachers Best Friend™, to empower teachers because I understand the teachers' innate instinct to connect, collaborate and co-create content.

EdHero provides you with everything that you need to make your work more efficient, effective and rewarding, because your excellent teaching shouldn't come at the cost of a balanced life.

Help Kids

EdHero is my response to the unacceptable daily struggle that teachers like my mother face. It is designed to help you, so that you can help your students flourish!

EdHero's Team