Prism Treasure Hunt

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Students practice find surface area and volume of prisms: rectangular, triangular and cubes. The ...

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Bulletin Board Idea, Cooperative Learning, Math Center Idea
prisms,treasure hunt,prisim activity
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Students practice find surface area and volume of prisms: rectangular, triangular and cubes. The 8 problem pages are posted either around the room or in stations. Students work in groups and can start at any place, once they solve the problem, they are directed to the next page to go. Students with an error find they they have been misdirected to the wrong place and work together to find their mistake and get back on track. This is an active classroom activity that gets students moving and talking. Teacher can check individual answer sheets or play a stand up/sit down game once students are finished. Teacher calls out one of the answers and students find it on their answer sheet and then teacher calls out the next answer. Students who have this answer remain standing, if not they sit down. This gives teacher feedback on which problems gave the most difficulty. Answer key is included as well as student worksheet to show their work.

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I came to teaching after another successful career, fulfilling my dream of being a teacher. It is never to late to start over, and each day is a new learning experience. I am now obsessed with infusing technology in my classroom. I have also been the advisor to Math Club, have presented at numerous conferences and am currently a coach for new teachers as well as being in the Math 8 Classroom.

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