Patterns of Movement Bundle

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This is a complete very detailed 5E lesson plan over patterns of movement. Included in the bundl...

Science - General Science, Science- Science Experiments
1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
Lesson Plan, Minilesson, Science Center Idea, Unit Plan, Worksheet, Activities, Assessment
Patterns of Movement,motion,spinning,sliding,zig-zag,force,push,pull
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    (6) Force, motion, and energy. The student knows that forces cause change and energy exists in many forms. The student is expected to:

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    (C) trace the changes in the position of an object over time such as a cup rolling on the floor and a car rolling down a ramp; and

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    (D) compare patterns of movement of objects such as sliding, rolling, and spinning.

Detailed Description

This is a complete very detailed 5E lesson plan over patterns of movement. Included in the bundle is an interactive PowerPoint, Jeopardy-like game, Lesson plan, and a packet of worksheets including journal flap books, and assessment worksheets This bundle over Patterns of Movement includes cut outs that can be placed in the students journal, as well as a worksheets to match vocabulary. Included is a venn diagram, a cut, sort, and glue worksheet, three worksheets to check for comprehension, and a two glue ables for a journal. In this interactive PowerPoint you will find all vocabulary words and definitions embedded into it with great visuals that can assist most ELL students. After the vocabulary comes a few higher order thinking questions to assess the students understanding of the standard. In this Jeopardy-like game, you can formatively assess the students and the effectiveness of your lesson. Works great whole group, small groups, or centers!!! Great extension to the Patterns of Movement or motion objective. This game covers rolling, spinning, sliding, force, push and pull, and more. Provided in this lesson are the standards, ELPS, objectives, and accommodations. This lesson could be taught in one day or slowed down into 3-5. In this lesson plan there are three different formative assessments in place to ensure the effectiveness of the lesson. From the Engage to the Evaluate this lesson will ensure that the students are receiving the most in order to meet the standards while being engaged throughout the lesson. Thank you, Calli DeJarnett.

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This is a complete very detailed 5E lesson plan over patterns of movement. Provided in this lesso...