No-Prep Compound Sentences

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Do you need extra practice for your students who are learning about Compound sentences? This pro...

Language Arts - Grammar
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Handout, Homeschool Curricula, Worksheet
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Do you need extra practice for your students who are learning about Compound sentences? This product will give you that extra practice. This worksheet has the students choosing which conjunction word to use to combing two sentences. It is great practice for students learning this skill and to help them learn how to write complete sentences. The first page of this worksheet students will chose the correct conjunction word to complete each sentence. The second half they will write a compound sentence from two simple sentences. The second worksheet again has two simple sentences and students will write one compound sentence. I hope you enjoy this product!! If you like this worksheet or would like more like it, please go to my EdHero page for more. Please follow me on EdHero to get updates on new products and occasional discounts.

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