Middle East UNESCO World Heritage Sites Project

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Set of 100 research guides for the 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites listed in the Middle East as o...

Social Studies - Travel
10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade
Handout, Research
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Set of 100 research guides for the 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites listed in the Middle East as of 2016! The sets are organized by country. Have students explore the wonders of the world with this research project set! Have them become virtual tourists by traveling online to the some of the world's most breath taking sites! Assign each research guide over the course of the semester as homework, or assign each student one site as a class presentation. These also make great sub lesson plans. The research and reflective questions should take about 45 minutes per site. Follow up the research by having students meet with partners and present to each other. Have them take notes on each location. Total time would then be around 90 minutes. You could also use this a grade level project! Have student create posters of all the sites in the Middle East! Each project guide is a 4 pages long (cover page, map page, research page and reflection page). The research links needed for each project site are embedded directly into each project guide making it easy for the teacher! Simply share the PDFs (also provided as Word documents) with the students and they can visit their site link easily! Have them hand write their research on the printed PDFs for have them do their work electronically in the Word files. All projects logs come in both Word and PDF format The follow Middle Eastern countries have UNESCO sites and are included in this bundle: Bahrain Cyprus Egypt Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Lebanon Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey United Arab Emirates Yemen

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