Factoring Quadratics Puzzle Set

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Students practice factoring quadratics and/or multiplying binomials in all 4 puzzles in this set....

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Students practice factoring quadratics and/or multiplying binomials in all 4 puzzles in this set. 2 of the puzzles have the leading coefficient at 1 and the other two puzzles have a leading coefficient greater than 1. There are 2 different levels of puzzles with answer keys included for all. In the simpler level, the outside edges are blank, so if students are having difficulty, have them arrange the pieces so the blank sides are on the outside. In the more challenging level, the edges have additional problems/answers in the border to make solving a little more difficult. You can use the puzzles on different days, at stations or give the struggling students the simpler variation while more advanced students get a challenge with level 2 puzzles.

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