Exponent Rules Bongo

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Students practice applying the rules of exponents with these 2 decks of cards. There are 2 comple...

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10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade
Cooperative Learning, Math Center Idea, Test Prep
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Students practice applying the rules of exponents with these 2 decks of cards. There are 2 complete decks each containing 96 cards. In each deck 48 cards have algebraic expressions using different rules of exponents and 48 cards with simplified answers. Deck 2 is a little more challenging, allowing teachers to differentiate in the classroom between struggling and more advanced students. Answer keys are included for both decks. Bongo is a bingo type game played with decks of cards. It is a great activity for groups of 2-6 students. Cards are with problems or answers (but not both) are shuffled and each student is dealt 6 cards. Players turn their cards face up in front of them. Then the other deck is used to turn up one card at a time. If the student has a match, they turn it face down. When all cards are turned face down, yell BONGO.

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I came to teaching after another successful career, fulfilling my dream of being a teacher. It is never to late to start over, and each day is a new learning experience. I am now obsessed with infusing technology in my classroom. I have also been the advisor to Math Club, have presented at numerous conferences and am currently a coach for new teachers as well as being in the Math 8 Classroom.

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