Butterflies Color by Music Pack

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Simple and Fun Music Activity for Kids. This set contains 10 designs in 3 different formats (30 ...

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1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
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Simple and Fun Music Activity for Kids. This set contains 10 designs in 3 different formats (30 pages in total): 1 set - for younger students - the note and symbol matches the notes and symbol in the picture. 2 set - for older students – the note and symbols names are given below. 3 set – students color the picture using own color key. Each set contains: 1 page – color by notes 2 page – color by rests 3 page – color by notes and rests 4 page – color by music symbols 5-6 pages – color by notes, rests and music symbols 7 pages – color by dynamics 8-10 pages - color by notes, rests , music symbols, dynamics. Notes and Symbols used: Whole note, Quarter note, Half note, Eight note, and Sixteenth note. Natural, Flat, Sharp, Bass clef, Treble clef. Whole rest, Half rest, Quarter rest, Eighth rest, Sixteenth rest. Pianissimo, Piano, Mezzo piano, Mezzo forte, Forte, Fortissimo.

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My first degree was in Music teaching for pre-school and junior school children and I have also qualified as a children’s choir director. My second degree was in sound production.

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