13 Ways to Use Matching Cards

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Need to mix up your instruction and use something different or need ideas for new uses of resourc...

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Need to mix up your instruction and use something different or need ideas for new uses of resources you already have? This free resource will help you use sorting or matching cards in the classroom. Matching cards are useful in all content areas to help students think through choices while collaborating with their partner/group. Included are 13 different instructional methods and tips for classroom management while using these types of activities.

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Created on Saturday, 01 Apr 2017 :


I came to teaching after another successful career, fulfilling my dream of being a teacher. It is never to late to start over, and each day is a new learning experience. I am now obsessed with infusing technology in my classroom. I have also been the advisor to Math Club, have presented at numerous conferences and am currently a coach for new teachers as well as being in the Math 8 Classroom.

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