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Sheetal Pandhi
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Friday, 01 Dec 2017


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In this video I am explaining how we can create the new nugget with what type of data and video so that student can understand the Nuggets.
12th Grade 11th Grade 10th Grade
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  • Is EdHero a full working model or a Beta version?

    Although, we have tried our best to implement as many crucial elements we could in our first phase we STILL have a lot to do and add. Keeping that in mind, I would say we are in our Beta phase and soon will be rolling out membership models and other major updates.

  • What can I do here?

    You can create Lessons, Units and Courses, find other educators, ask them for collaboration and earn collaboration certificates after successful collaboration, learn best practices from educators worldwide, sell your educational resources, buy and download tested teaching resources offered by other educators PLUS more as we roll out new features..

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