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Find other Teachers to collaborate
on content creation

You can search teachers based on your interest and need and build rich lessons, units and courses together.

EdHero enables you to create 'aha moments' for your students.

Example: You can collaborate with a teacher across the street or across the globe. Help each other by exchanging experiences.

  • Save time
  • Provide much needed support to other teachers
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Get equal rights to the resources you create as a co-author
  • Share in the revenue if the resource is listed for sale
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State and common
core standards


Integrate with google
drive and dropbox

Start Collaboration

Bring rich and engaging lessons, units
and courses to your class

Build enriching resources in no time, be it a lessons, a unit or a course. EdHero's drag-and-drop system makes it easy to create complete lessons from scratch or buy high quality teacher-tested resources, tweak them for your class and download or print them in minutes. It's that simple!


save time

Create lesson
with a few clicks

Get access to
high quality teacher-
tested resources

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Drag and drop features

Combine multiple lessons
to form a unit

Combine multiple Units
to form a Course

Access oer resources like
khan academy, CK-12

Print in PDF Format

Download as zip and
scrom package

Start building with EdHero!

Earn extra money every month

Buy yourself some peace of mind and save another teacher's day by simply listing your resources for sale through your own store. EdHero has done all the work so that you can reach the world of educators waiting for high quality resources for themselves and their students.

Imagine that a well-crafted resource can impact more than 1000 kids and help you pay your monthly bills (or at least get a few cups of Starbucks). The time is right!

  • Extra money to pay bills.
  • Peace of mind
  • Helping thousands of teachers and students around the globe
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Create lessons, units and
courses and add them to
the store

Upload resources from

offer discounts to
resources on the store

earn monthly

We all are in this together
Open your store!

Take advantage of professional
development opportunities

Enjoy your collaboration with colleagues and improve your teaching skills. EdHero automatically tracks your hours of collaboration with other teachers and provides you an amazing certificate for each collaboration. Use your certificate in a variety of ways to advance your career or simply get brownie points!



Improve your
teaching skills

Maybe applicable
for clock hours

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Automatic tracking of
collaboration hours

Print certificate

Be the change you want to see
Start learning now!


EdHero will help you find great teacher-made materials for every grade, collaborate with teachers and other home schoolers to create materials, and make extra money by selling what you make. As a homeschooler parent, you may already have created tons of worksheets and lessons that helped your kids master certain concepts. Share them with the world.

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Do your kids need extra practice or some thing productive to do over the summer? Find worksheets and lessons just for them! All of EdHero's materials are created by educators who are passionate to see their students succeed in academics and in life.

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