What Is Your Adverse Childhood Experience Score

Donna Barratt on Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018
What Is Your Adverse Childhood Experience Score? October 23, 2014"About Kids" Blog, "Just Life" Blog Edit The research and collected data show it.  Adverse Childhood Experiences are at epidemic levels.   And, I would add that adults who are  products of such experiences,  yet refuse to recognize it and get therapy, will, contribute to these levels exponentially. We owe it to future generations to put the breaks on mental illness in our children.  Please go to the site I’ve put below and take the short test.  Read the information and consider the fact that you might be a better parent, help your children become more emotionally sound as adults,  and create more stability in your home.  Dare to change.  Live the best adventure of your life with your children. http://acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace-score/
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