The Potential Of Our Brain is AMAZING

Donna Barratt on Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018
The Potential Of Our Brain – AMAZING! October 13, 2014"About Kids" Blog, "Just Life" Blog Edit One thing we all have in common, I  hope, is a brain.  Now I’m not going to bore you with a lot of technical jargon or in depth explanation, since I am not even close to being a medical expert. I do however want to remind you about a few things you probably already know but that you don’t often consider in your daily journey. Our brains both receive and express information.  We receive information in so many different ways and all at the same time.  That little space between our ears can take in smells, sights, sounds, tastes, things we touch, experience, feel emotionally, and learn.  And that’s just the beginning. After all that, this amazing organ processes all of it, making connections, filing it away for future use, developing responses and keeping the body working.  Then this master computer proceeds to express those responses in various ways. Knowing that and using what we know about the brain is the difference between being at our peak and not. Because I work with student’s who find it difficult traversing the academic setting I have to teach them how to use this particular piece of equipment to  maximize it’s potential.  I thought I’d share a few of these things with you, my reader. First, remember that the brain has many parts.  To get the most use in a session of work, the most important thing you can do is to make sure the whole brain is awakened to the task.  Math drills will only target a small area to activation, so it is important to bring in activities that will spark the entire brain into motion.  Singing, drumming rhythms, playing music in the background, spinning around in a chair, jumping on a small trampoline, chewing on gum, using scented hand lotion, lighting a candle or lowering the lights, can all trigger different parts of the brain to come alive, join the team. Then it is good to turn on a fan, open a window, get something new to look at, or change positions.  Stretching out laterally will often turn on the facet for new ideas.  Have you heard of people who keep a note pad beside their beds at night because that’s when they get their best and most creative thoughts? When you read, your eyes accept information only visually.  If you read aloud, you are receiving information visually, processing it, expressing it and then guess what?  That same information comes in again but through the auditory senses more than the visual, where it is processed in different ways and reorganized and processed again.  Amazing isn’t it that simply reading something aloud has such a dramatic effect on our learning. Do you talk to yourself?  Ever feel like it helps?  It does and for the same reasons that reading aloud to yourself is effective.  If you merely give thought to something, your brain mulls over it, but if you say it out loud you have processed it for speech, physically formed the words, heard it, and reprocessed it.  Three times the power of just thinking. I know I am putting this in simplistic terms, but it is true and it is important for us to be more aware of how we think, learn, and  get the most for our money, so to speak.  It works if we use metaphors and similes to give a visual to what we want to communicate.  Writers know that creating a picture with words is an effective method to bring about understanding of an idea. So think about your brain occasionally as you move throughout your day and use the power it provides – all of it!
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